Condominium & HOA Law

Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in condominium law matters. From homeowner association issues to property management and directors' duties, we are here to help find creative, effective solutions that will protect your property rights and the enjoyment of your unit.

Our services include:
•  CC&R Bylaw Drafting and Amendments
•  Property Maintenance
•  Homeowner Association Disputes
•  Residential Leases
•  Rules Enforcement
•  Architectural Standards
•  Contract Formation & Enforcement
•  Litigation Services
•  Disability Compliance Guidelines
•  Election Rules
•  Employment Law Counsel
•  Accounting Services
•  Insurance Claims and Settlements
•  Operating Cost Reduction via Contract Renegotiation
•  Noise and Nuisance Claims
•  Directors' Duties

Under the California Davis-Sterling Act, common-interest developments must comply with detailed rules concerning management of the project, budgets, research studies, and assessments, and procedures for dispute resolution. The Acts defines the rights of condominium owners as well as the duties of the Association and its directors in managing the project. Because the project is governed by its covenants, conditions, and restrictions as well by special Association rules, the project resembles a miniature town with its own internal disputes. We advise both board members and homeowners in such disputes, as well us follow changes in the Act to better advise our clients about their rights and remedies.